We're a group of Buffett fans, and more!  Parrot Heads in Lincolnland is a local chapter of Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc., a non-profit. organization whose purpose is to provide a variety of social activities to people with similar interests in the tropical lifestyle and to assist in local community and environmental concerns.  Some of our favorite local charities include Animal Protective League, Central Illinois Food Bank, Fifth Street Renaissance, Mini'Beirne Crisis Nursery, Sangamon County Animal control, the Parent Place, among others.  We also have a stretch of J. David Jones Parkway (in front of Oak Ridge Cemetery) that we keep clean.

Social/Fund Raising Events
  • January 4: Trivia Night Fundraiser for the Rochester Wresting Club - Springfield Elks Club - Doors open 6 pm - 7 pm Trivia start time - $15/head
  • January 9: Frozen Open - Lake Press Club - 10 am - 6 pm

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